”Ingenium” is a wonderful word in latin, multidimensional and profound, which means the innate and true character of something, its intelligence, soul, genius and talent.  “Loci” comes from “locus”: place.

Ingenium Loci: “the spirit and genius of the place” suggests that a locale possesses ecologically and spiritually unique qualities. In order for humans to live in balance with nature, they must access this genius and allow it to infuse their decisions when producing a wine.

I very carefully chose this name to express my philosophy of wine, that of the fundamental role of terroir. Terroir is a unique combination of local climate, soil, geology, topography, traditions and human intervention (role of man). When the winegrower allows Terroir to express itself by cultivating the vine and making the wine according to the purest practices, he makes a wine which is unique and reflects the true character, talent and spirit of its place of production (Ingenium Loci).

Henri Jayer’s said once “Wine is more about philosophy than technique”. To me it says it all.

Ingenium Loci WINES