Are you looking for French Wines that enhance your business and create value for your customers?

With one contact you can now reach the whole richness of French Wines. In doing so you save time and money, and you gain expertise.

We Help You Find the Perfect French Wines that Grow You Business!

Ingenium Loci Wines is a French Fine Wine Agency based in Burgundy, France, as well as a Consultant for Producers and Importers

To Importers we provide access to a large network of producers in the French wine districts.

To French producers we provide assistance and counselling in the Scandinavian markets so they have time to focus on their own expertise: the making of good wine

Born in Burgundy, France, and after living 20 years in Scandinavia, Marie-Christine Moreau created Ingenium Loci Wines in 2011. With her heart being in France, she specializes in French wines, contributing to their success.

Living in Norway for twenty years has given her not only the ability to speak Norwegian fluently, but also the necessary experience to learn the Scandinavian markets and their culture.

We’ll be happy to assist you in sourcing the perfect wines for your business.



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